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RE: [xsl] complex numbering problem

2008-12-12 11:04:06
It looks to me like this:

<xsl:for-each select="//event">
  <xsl:sort select="@start" data-type="number"/>
  <time_slot time_slot_id="ts{position()}" time_value="{(_at_)start}"/>

Or have I missed something?

Michael Kay

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Subject: [xsl] complex numbering problem

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to XSL but after a couple of hours of googling 
and thinking about how to structure my xsl file differently I 
came here in the hope that someone can help me not using 
saxon:assign (I already learned that this would be a bad 
thing - but to be honest, I also cannot get it to work with 
my Oxygen 9.3 ;-)

I'm using Oxygen 9.3 under SuSE Linux 10.0. XSL 1.0, Saxon 6.5.5

The problem is as follows: I want to transform one kind of 
XML files into another kind using XSLT.

This is how (the relevant part of) my source file looks like:

<layer l-id="l01">
<meta m-id="m01">
<event e-id="l01-001" start="0" end="17.499806"/> <event 
e-id="l01-002" start="17.499806" end="17.524455">XYZ</event> 
<event e-id="l01-003" start="17.524455" 
end="113.487545">XYZ</event> <event e-id="l01-004" 
start="113.487545" end="113.554857">XYZ</event> <event 
e-id="l01-005" start="113.554857" end="113.94197">XYZ</event> 
<event e-id="l01-006" start="113.94197" 
end="114.1085">XYZ</event> </layer> <layer l-id="l02"> <meta 
<event e-id="l02-001" start="0" end="17.7997">XYZ</event> 
<event e-id="l02-002" start="17.7997" 
end="112.409813">XYZ</event> <event e-id="l02-003" 
start="112.409813" end="112.763921">XYZ</event> <event 
e-id="l02-004" start="112.763921" 
end="113.570947">XYZ</event> </layer> <!--some more layers--> </root>

This is how I want my target file to look like:

    <time_slot time_slot_id="ts1" time_value="0"/>
    <time_slot time_slot_id="ts2" time_value="0"/>
    <time_slot time_slot_id="ts3" time_value="17.499806"/>
    <time_slot time_slot_id="ts4" time_value="17.524455"/>
    <time_slot time_slot_id="ts5" time_value="17.7997"/>
    <time_slot time_slot_id="ts6" time_value="112.409813"/>
    <time_slot time_slot_id="ts7" time_value="112.763921"/>
    <time_slot time_slot_id="ts8" time_value="113.487545"/>
    <time_slot time_slot_id="ts9" time_value="113.554857"/>
    <time_slot time_slot_id="ts10" time_value="113.570947"/>
    <time_slot time_slot_id="ts11" time_value="113.94197"/>
    <time_slot time_slot_id="ts12" time_value="114.1085"/> 

That means, I want every time index (even duplicates, because 
I need them later on) in a separate time_slot element. The 
time_slot elements should be sorted by the time_value in 
ascending order and should get a unique id, also in ascending 
order. I just cannot get the XSL structured in such a way 
that both attributes are in order. It's always one or the 
other, but never both. Or when I get both in order, I have 
duplicate time_slot_id's instead.

My latest attempt looks like this:

<xsl:template match="event" mode="timeslots">
        <xsl:attribute name="time_slot_id">
            <xsl:number level="any" value="position()"/>
        <xsl:attribute name="time_value">
            <xsl:value-of select="@start"/>
    <xsl:if test="count(following-sibling::event)=0">
            <xsl:attribute name="time_slot_id">
                <xsl:number level="any" value="position()"/>
            <xsl:attribute name="time_value">
                <xsl:value-of select="@end"/>

With this, both attributes are (almost, but not quite - why?) 
in order, but I get duplicate IDs for the "end" attributes. 
The result looks like

<time_slot time_slot_id="ts1727" time_value="113.487545"/> 
<time_slot time_slot_id="ts1728" time_value="113.554857"/> 
<time_slot time_slot_id="ts1729" time_value="113.570521"/> 
<time_slot time_slot_id="ts1729" 
time_value="114.10741400000001"/> <time_slot 
time_slot_id="ts1730" time_value="113.791077"/> <time_slot 
time_slot_id="ts1730" time_value="114.10859000000001"/> 
<time_slot time_slot_id="ts1731" 
time_value="113.94197699999999"/> <time_slot 
time_slot_id="ts1731" time_value="114.10859000000001"/> </time_order>

The only idea I have to fix this, is a variable which I 
increase every time I enter the if block and which is added 
to position() to form the ID. But XSL has no variables and so 
I'm kind of stuck.

I hope one of the XSL experts out there can help me.

kind regards

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