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Re: [xsl] When *not* to use XLST...

2009-04-23 15:50:04

Thanks for the input. I agree with your statements. The real problem
is that I starting using XSLT because it looked like a good solution
for my problem, but I didn't bother to learn it. I just assumed it was
fairly simple markup, like XML and HTML. That was fine for a while,
but I kept having to look up a little syntax here and a little syntax
there, which I completely agree is not one of the preferred ways to
learn a language. I decided that my project needed XML, and I thought
XSLT should just automatically be used along with it.

I've decided to use an XML document class in the programming language
for this project, mostly because of deadlines (I already know how to
do it this way, and the library already exists), but I'll look more
into XSLT for other projects.

This list is very helpful, so thanks for that.


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