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Re: [xsl] Using for-each-group out of word.xml

2011-08-02 09:01:02
Good Morning,

Afternoon here (London), the sun that is baking down is on its way.

After a few tries, I was able to get the features grouped with
xsl:for-each-group using the following template:
I think though, that I might not be able to keep them in document order with
the other w:body/w:p, since the w:body is a parent to all the w:p nodes.

Correct - you can't use for-each-group and keep document order.  (well
you probably could, but with difficulty)

The right technique to do that is to process the first element
document order, then it processes its following siblings doing the
grouping as necessary... this is often known as 'sibling recursion'
(google it for more)

Andrew Welch

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