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Re: [xsl] Trying to check if key is NOT found

2014-12-12 15:36:37
On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 09:15:59PM -0000, russurquhart1(_at_)verizon(_dot_)net 
Sorry about that. The xml would look like this:

 <CrossReference xrefLabel="ADDF32 RaH, #16FHi, RbH" href="#ADDF32RaH16FRbH"/>
 <br Placement="line"/>
<CrossReference xrefLabel="ADDF32 RaH, RbH, #16FHi" href="#ADDF32RaHRbH16F"/> 
  In this case, the entry element contains two CrossReference elements. The 
first CrossReference element, its' href attribute does not have any element 
that has a Target attribute with that value.

I would expect to see:

No target for:

Does this make more sense now? 

So you're always trying to compare the xrefLabel value and the href
attribute value on the same element?

Supposing you've got XSLT 2.0 -- 

<xsl:template match="CrossReference[replace(@xrefLabel,'[\p{P}\p{Zs}]*','') eq 
.... call a function to report?

That's taking the @xrefLabel value and removing all punctuation and
spaces and comparing it to the @href value with any leading # removed.

-- Graydon
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