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[xsl] XPath to find first cell in first row of table

2016-09-21 20:14:58
I have an XML table like below from which I am constructing a roughly matching XSL-FO table, and I need to insert something extra only in the first cell of the first row, as indicated:

     <title>My title</title>
     <tgroup cols="3">
       <colspec colname="C1" />
       <colspec colname="C2" />
       <colspec colname="C3" />
           <entry> text </entry>
           <entry> text </entry>
           <entry> text </entry>
           <entry> <!-- insert something extra here only --> text </entry>
           <entry> text </entry>
           <entry> text </entry>
           <entry> text </entry>
           <entry> text </entry>
           <entry> text </entry>

There are templates matching each element: table, tbody, row, entry, etc. In the <entry> template, how might I check if the current entry is the first one in the first row? Or is there a better way?

  <xsl:template match="entry">
<xsl:if test="MAGICAL XPATH that tells if it's the first cell in the first row">
      <fo:block> insert special things </fo:block>
    <fo:block xsl:use-attribute-sets="entry">

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