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[xsl] Working around immutable variables

2018-03-02 15:04:54

We have a for-each loop that constructs a table.  The first column is a region 
that would normally look like the following – we would like to show the first 
region name only to avoid repetition.


My non-xsl mind wants to use a mutable variable:

  1.  initialize a variable $current_region to “”
  2.  loop through each row
  3.  If current row’s region column COLUMN[@name=”region”] does not equal 
$current_region then:
     *   select the region so it shows in the table
     *   reassign $current_region to the string value of the current row’s 
region column

Perhaps comparing the current category to the preceding-sibling?

Perhaps a loop on select=”distinct_values… to find region names, enclosing 
another loop that goes through each distinct region’s rows?  If position()=1 
worked in that context perhaps this would work?

We’re aware of the saxon namespace that allows for the mutable variable cheat, 
but would like to avoid this.

I would greatly appreciate your recommendations.

Thank you,
David Jacopille

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