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Re: [xsl] XSL for CSV to XML

2019-02-14 00:47:43
On Thu, 2019-02-14 at 05:54 +0000, Rahul Singh
rahulsinghindia15(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com wrote:

I wrote XSL for CSV to XML conversion but i am not getting proper
for #Id 3. and Also I need output as per given expected output. 

You are using <elem> to make elements, rather than, for example,
<xsl:element name="$headings[$n]">...</xsl:element>
You'd have to arrange for $headings to be e.g.
   <xsl:variable name="headings" as="xs:string*"
      select="tokenize($headerrow, '[|]')" />
where $headerrow is the line containing the names.


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