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[xsl] DITA Community i18n Library Updated to Saxon 9.8

2019-02-24 09:51:26
I've released version 2.0.0 of the DITA Community Internationalization Open 
Toolkit plug-in (https://github.com/dita-community/org.dita-community.i18n).

The plug-in provides Saxon extensions for doing locale-aware sorting, grouping, 
word breaking, and line breaking and also provides rendered string length 

The Java code has been updated to work with Saxon 9.8. It can be used outside 
the context of the DITA Open Toolkit as long as you do the equivalent Saxon 
registration of the extension functions and collation URI resolver (version 3.3 
of the Open Toolkit will add dynamic registration of extension functions and 
collation URI resolvers as discussed on the Saxon mailing list).

The library provides dictionary-based sorting and grouping for Simplified 
Chinese using the open-source CC-CEDICT dictionary. It otherwise delegates to 
ICU4J for other languages.

The package also provides a library of XSLT 2 functions that use the Java 
extensions and provide other grouping, sorting, and text layout utilities.

The package also uses the Java 2D features to do font-aware estimation of 
rendered text length. This facility was developed to enable generation of 
flowed-but-paginated HTML for use in EPUBs but can be useful in any context 
where you need to estimate the rendered length of strings, such as determining 
the longest term in a definition list or do dynamic copy fitting in XSL-FO 
tables. (NOTE: For a more complete paginated HTML solution I would use FOP or 
Antenna House to generate an area tree and then render that to HTML.)


Eliot Kimber
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