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Re: [xsl] question on standards and xml/json

2019-06-22 23:33:42
On Sun, 2019-06-23 at 03:07 +0000, BR Chrisman brchrisman(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com
Has there been any work to define an XML subset which is
simply/directly transformable into JSON?

Several. It depends on the processing you plan, and the nature of the
JSON or XML you start with, as to which is best.

XSLT 3, XQuery 3, EXI are three places too look for examples. XSLT 3
and XQuery 3 (actually Functions and Operators, referred to by XPath 3)
has json-to-xml() -


Note that JSON can use characters (e.g. NUL) not permitted in XML
documents, and JSON keys can use arbitrary strings, so can contain
characters not permitted in XML names.


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