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[xsl] [ANN] Course, CSS for XML People - Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 2019 [hands-on class / training]

2019-09-03 01:36:20
1st, 2d, 3rd October 2019; Amsterdam

CSS For XML People

[note: also ask me about the XSLT 3 course for XSLT 2 users; i'll post
about that separately]

Do you work with complex documents, long documents, or with lots of
consistent smaller documents, in XML? These might be aircraft manuals,
encyclopedias and other major reference works, research papers or trade
fiction novels, mediated publishing... This CSS course is for you.

Topics include
* Introduction to typographcal style and graphic design
* Working with CSS in the Browser
* CSS Selectors
* Grid and Flexbox
* Accessibility (including presentation order)
* effects - box shadows, border images, CSS shapes etc
* SVG and CSS
* CSS transforms, animations, transitions
* Web Fonts
* Paged media and making pages
* Generating CSS with XSLT and XQuery
* CSS fallback and polyfills
* Learning more: what's implemented and how to find out more
* Advanced: Custom properties
* Meet the Tools: formatters for print
* Choosing between CSS and XSL-FO

This course was previously given in Rockville, MD, USA, in August.


Liam Quin, https://www.delightfulcomputing.com/
Available for XML/Document/Information Architecture/XSLT/
XSL/XQuery/Web/Text Processing/A11Y training, work & consulting.
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