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Re: [xsl] How to restrict xsl:key

2019-09-12 17:04:42
On 12.09.2019 23:55, Mark Wilson mark(_at_)knihtisk(_dot_)org wrote:
I have established a key:
  <xsl:key name="placement-index" match="Stamp"
use="concat(CatNumbers/@pofis-prefix, CatNumbers/@pofis-number,

It uses an XML file that contains the element Stamp. It worked until
today. What changed is that the CatNumbers fall into two Periods
(seedata  below). Until today, the Catnumbers referenced always fell in
Period domain='c' in my data. They now also fall into Period
domain='cr'.  I need to restrict the output of the template to only keys
built from the @domain='c' part of the data. Have not a clue how to do

You can also change the third argument of the key call with

key('placement-index', concat(@pofis-prefix, @pofis-number,
@pofis-suffix), doc('../work/data-with-index.xml')//Period[@domain = 'c'])

to only search that subtree.
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