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Re: [xsl] Need an XPath 2.0 expression that identifies a long block of uninterrupted non-blocking space characters in an XHTML document

2019-10-14 12:18:48
On Mon, Oct 14, 2019 at 05:08:53PM -0000, Costello, Roger L.
costello(_at_)mitre(_dot_)org scripsit:
Outlook generates HTML like that shown below. The non-blocking space
character is nested inside an <o:p> element, which is nested inside a
<p> element.
2. Is there a better XPath expression?

Does it need to be a single XPath expression?  This looks like a
grouping problem in XSLT; group adjacent paras depending on whether they
contain <o:p>&#160;</o:p> or not.

-- Graydon
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