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Re: [xsl] Tree Comparing Algorithm

2020-02-03 14:38:56
On 03.02.2020 21:10, Vasu Chakkera vasucv(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com wrote:
Thanks both. Martin's solution sort of worked, but it only gave me 21
children, but I had around 21000 nodes in the xml. I am not sure to what
depth the comparison is happening.

It was solely an attempt to try to find some way to recursively process
two documents with streaming at the same time, not an attempt to
implement your particular algorithm.

I have tested my code now on a large files, it seems to process lots of
nodes judging by the output to the console and the length of processing,
but it doesn't seem to use streaming when I look at the memory
consumption (600MB  of input needed more than 2GB of memory), even if
Saxon nowhere shows any -t message that input trees were built.

Michael's comment on the way streaming is implemented in Saxon suggests
that the whole attempt is futile, even if the code somehow manages to
get by the streamability analysis.
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