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Re: [xsl] Finding Only Initial Following Siblings That Meet Some Criteria

2020-02-05 17:16:05

On 06.02.2020 00:07, Imsieke, Gerrit, le-tex 
gerrit(_dot_)imsieke(_at_)le-tex(_dot_)de wrote:
But as I wanted to say above, in terms of idiomatic XSLT 2+ purity, I'd always prefer a solution that doesn't look along the preceding/following axes, even when it is done just once for selecting the for-each-group population.

On a more practical than ideological note, selecting the parent and grouping the children often greatly helps avoid duplicated content. This is so because you cannot just do an apply-templates over all nodes within p. You need to be careful which node isn't replicated because it is already considered by the following-sibling grouping. On the other hand, you cannot just restrict yourself to processing the first ph[@outputclass] child because you need to process its preceding-siblings, too.
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