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Re: [xsl] For-each-group group-starting-with drops text between inline elements

2020-09-03 10:37:57
Thanks Wendell and Martin. Of course. Makes sense. /node() works perfectly in 
this instance.

On Sep 3, 2020, at 11:29 AM, Wendell Piez wapiez(_at_)wendellpiez(_dot_)com 
<xsl-list-service(_at_)lists(_dot_)mulberrytech(_dot_)com> wrote:


Don't kick yourself, but the path in your select expression 
"div/p[@class='passage']/*" will select only elements.

To select all nodes, use "div/p[@class='passage']/node()", or for just 
elements and text (no comments or PIs, use "div/p[@class='passage']/(* | 

I can see this easily 'cause I've made this mistake dozens of times.

Cheers, Wendell

On Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 11:20 AM Terry Ofner tdofner(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com 
<mailto:xsl-list-service(_at_)lists(_dot_)mulberrytech(_dot_)com>> wrote:
I have a document with the following structure:
        <p class="passage">
            <span class="itemNum">(1)</span>First <b>sentence</b> of the 
passage. <span class="itemNum">(2)</span> Second sentence of the passage. 
<span class="itemNum">(3)</span> Third sentence of the passage. 
    I need to chunk this into separte items:
    <div class="passage_set">
        <p class="item" itemNum="(1)"><b>(1)</b> First <b>sentence</b> of the 
        <p class="item" itemNum="(2)"><b>(2)</b> Second sentence of the 
        <p class="item" itemNum="(3)"><b>(3)</b> Third sentence of the 
    If there were no nodes in the text between spans, I could use tokenize, 
which I do on such occasions. 
    With sets such as the one above, I have been trying to use 
for-each-group. But I am unable to capture the text between the span elements.
    Here is the relevant section of my current stylesheet (3.0 Saxon-PE
    <xsl:variable name="passage_raw">
        <div class="passage_set">
            <xsl:for-each-group select="div/p[@class='passage']/*" 
                <p class="item">
                    <xsl:attribute name="itemNum">
                        <xsl:value-of select="current-group()[1]"/>
                    <xsl:copy-of select="current-group()"/>
    Here is the output:
    <div class="passage_set">
        <p class="item" itemNum="(1)"><span 
        <p class="item" itemNum="(2)"><span class="itemNum">(2)</span></p>
        <p class="item" itemNum="(3)"><span class="itemNum">(3)</span></p>
    I feel like I am close.
    Is there any way to capture the text following the span using grouping or 
any other method available in 3.0?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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