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Re: [xsl] Are XPath expressions parsed using compiler parsing techniques?

2022-05-08 18:10:32

Are XPath expressions parsed using compiler parsing algorithms? 

Yes, of course, how else would you do it?

If you want to know more, I'm hoping to have a paper on the subject at XML 
Prague next month.

But if you're interested in this kind of thing, there's a fair bit in my blog 
over the years: see https://dev.saxonica.com/blog/mike/

(Incidentally, there's one little XPath parsing trick that's quite amusing. It 
turns out that about one in three XPath expressions (especially in XSLT) 
contains 4 tokens or less, and you can get a saving by just recognising the 
common patterns of tokens: if it's "@" followed by a QName, you can recognize 
that as a known pattern and emit the corresponding syntax tree without doing 
full parsing at all).

Michael Kay
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