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 What is mharc?

mharc is part of the MHonArc Project. mharc is a collection of Perl scripts for generating and managing web-based searchable mail archives.

A hurdle in setting up robust mail archives is configuring the various tools (pre-processor, mail converter, search engine, to work in tandem, which generally requires programming and system administration skills. mharc eliminates this time consuming and often frustrating task by providing the following features:

mharc configuration is driven by simple editable configuration files. No need to become a master with Procmail recipes or learn how to invoke and configure a search engine. The default archive page layout provides improved readability, easy, but powerful, archive navigation, and a stylesheet to control the visual appearance of pages, eliminating the need to define numerous MHonArc resources (but you still can if you really want to).


mharc is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

You can download mharc from the following locations:

CVS Access

Anonymous CVS access is available at <>.



$Date: 2003/07/16 00:49:58 $
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