mh-month-pack - Copy MH/nmh messages into monthly mailbox files.


mh-month-pack - Copy MH/nmh messages into monthly mailbox files.


  mh-month-pack [options] folder ...


This program copies MH/nmh messages into mailbox files. By default, monthly mailbox files are created with filenames of YYYY-MM format. If the -yearly option is specified, than messages will be split into yearly, YYYY, files. If a mailbox file already exists, messages will be appended to it.

Each MH/nmh process will be annotated inorder to mark the message as having been processed, unless the -noanno option is specified. The annotation allows this program to reprocess folders multiple times and to skip messages that have been packed before.

This program is provided as part of mharc to provide the ability to import MH/nmh messages into mharc archives. This program could be used for sites that have an existing MH/nmh filtering system inplace and want to usage mharc to generate web-based archives. This program can be used instead of filter-spool to move incoming messages into the raw message archive before calling web-archive.


Any non-option argument is treated as an MH/nmh folder to process. Folders are specified in the same manner as in MH/nmh commands.

Force packing of all messages, even if some messages are marked as processed.

Like -verbose, but prints out more.

Print out help message.

Print out the manpage.

Just echo what would be done, but do not do it. This is handy to verify what will be done before actually doing it for real.

Do not annotate messages that have been processed. By default, this program will annotate the messages via the anno(1) command to mark messages as being processed. Therefore, if the folder is processed again in the future, the message will be skipped.

-outdir directory
Directory to place mailbox files. If not specified, the current working directory is used.

Print status of what is going on.

Generate yearly-based mailbox files instead of monthly-based.


This program requires that the following MH/nmh commands are in your search path: anno(1), folder(1), scan(1), packf(1).



$Id: mh-month-pack,v 1.5 2002/10/11 23:52:28 ehood Exp $


Earl Hood,

This program is part of the mharc archiving system and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and may be copied only under the terms of the GNU General Public License, which may be found in the mharc distribution.

 mh-month-pack - Copy MH/nmh messages into monthly mailbox files.