read-mail - Archive incoming mail


read-mail - Archive incoming mail


  read-mail [options]


This program is part of mharc and is the main program for archiving mail. It is generally called via cron.

This program does very little itself, but it invokes other mharc scripts to do all the work.

If the file .noarchive exists in mharc root directory, then this program will do nothing and exit (unless the -force option is specified). This is to allow one to disable incoming mail processing while performing administrative tasks.


This program is generally called without any command-line options since it will read <mharc-root>/lib/ for any configurable options. Regardless, the following command-line options are available:

Print out usage information.

-home pathname
Root pathname of archiving software and data. If not specified, SW_ROOT variable in is used, else the parent directory that contains this program is used.

Print out entire manpage.

Print out status messages.


Main configuration file for mharc.


$Id: read-mail,v 1.10 2002/09/15 03:33:08 ehood Exp $


Earl Hood,

This program is part of the mharc archiving system and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and may be copied only under the terms of the GNU General Public License, which may be found in the mharc distribution.

 read-mail - Archive incoming mail