MHArc::Namazu - General Namazu-related utilities for mail archiving system.


MHArc::Namazu - General Namazu-related utilities for mail archiving system.


  use MHArc::Namazu;


This module contains a collection of Namazu-related utility routines.


The following module variables can be set to affect the behavior of the utility routines:

If set to a true value, routines will print out debugging information, if appropriate.


By default, no routines are exported into the calling namespace. Routines in this module can be imported by explicitly listing the routines to import in the use declaration:

  use MHArc::Namazu qw( nmz_get_field );

The following routines are availale:

nmz_get_field($index, $docid, $field)
Retrieve the value of a field for a document. $index is the pathname of the directory containing Namazu index files. $docid is the ID of the document to retrieve a field value of. Document ID correlate to the line numbers within NMZ.field.field-name files. $field is the field to retrieve the value of.

The return value of this function is the field value, or undef if the field value could not determined.

Any error messages generated by this function are printed via Perl's warn operator.

Parse Namazu configuration file denoted by $filename. The return value is a hash reference where the keys are the option names (normalized ot lowercases) and the values are the values associated with the options. The actual value types depends on the option.

If the conf file cannot be loaded, undef is returned.




$Id:,v 1.1 2002/09/03 16:30:47 ehood Exp $


Earl Hood,

This module is part of the mharc archiving system and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and may be copied only under the terms of the GNU General Public License, which may be found in the MHArc distribution.

 MHArc::Namazu - General Namazu-related utilities for mail archiving system.