Earl W. Hood


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Creative and versatile individual with recognized experience in SGML/XML, Web and Internet technologies. Experienced in distributed application design and development in Java, Perl, and C; Unix system administration; and GUI development. Maintain a variety of free software applications used by hundreds of users throughout the world. Proven ability to learn quickly and become an expert in a variety of technologies. Skilled at producing quality work with limited resources.


Programming/Computer Languages:
Bourne shell script, C (ANSI, K&R), CSS, Java, JavaScript, MS-DOS/Windows batch script, Perl (4 & 5), some Python, some SQL, some UML, some VBScript, XPath, XSLT
Computer Protocols:
Document Languages:
XML, HTML, SGML, Docbook, Frame Maker Interchange Format (MIF), S1000D, some nroff/troff
Programming Libraries:
Dojo, DOM, Java Servlet API, JavaBeans, JAXP, JDK 1.2 and later, JFC/Swing, JSP, Log4j, SAX,
Operating Systems:
HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows.
Ant, Apache HTTP Server, CVS, IzPack, FrameMaker, IIS, Linux iptables, Lucene, (GNU) make, Saxon, sendmail, subversion, Tomcat, XDesigner, XEP, Xerces-J,

Open Source Projects

Creation and contribution of open source software since 1993, including:

Provided updates and fixes to Perl-based SGML/XML DTD parsing tool originally developed by Norman Walsh.
Creator of Perl-based program for web-based searching and viewing of Unix/Linux manpages.
Creator and maintainer of one of the top free web-based email archivers, recognized in several publications and used by numerous web sites.
Contributed patches to the nmh mail handling system.
Creator of a collection of Perl-based tools for parsing and analyzing SGML DTDs.
Creator of Perl module to allow a Perl program to run as a Unix/Linux daemon process.
Creator of Perl module for binding Perl structures to a text file, with its primary use for supporting HTML templates for CGI-based programs.
XML Commons Resolver
Provided patches to support Windows drive-letters in pathnames, recognition of xml.catalog.verbosity if CatalogManager.properties is not used, and proper setting of systemID of InputSource during SAX parsing of XML catalog files.

* Software available at <http://www.mhonarc.org/release/>.

Job History

Senior Computer Systems Designer

Lead architect and developer of NSIV, an Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) viewer for NAVAIR supporting S1000D and other military document specifications.

Independent Software Consultant

Various consulting services, including product development, web application development, technical and electronic publication, content management, and open source software.


EPS Corporation
PBM Associates, Inc:

RSI Content Solutions:

RSuite custom solutions development in Java, Javascript, and XML: Workflows, action handlers, web services, and UI customizations.


Provide strategic recommendations in improving and managing XML-based authoring and publishing environment · Enhance and maintain Docbook-based XSLT transforms for PDF and HTML publications · Re-designed and re-implemented conversion process from older FrameMaker+SGML-based documents to Docbook-based XML documents, improving the conversion process time by over 4,000 percent.


Produced a 150+ page developer's guide documenting HP's custom Adobe FrameMaker+SGML 6.0 authoring environment: EDD analysis, localization procedures, custom third-party plugins analysis, including compilation and installation · Provided strategy recommendations for upgrading to FrameMaker 7.0 and the transition from SGML- to XML-based authoring · Provided advise on graphics authoring and conversion.

Senior Architect

Goodmail Systems, Inc

Software Engineer

Language Computer Corporation

Provided guidance and effort in the porting of research, academic-oriented work into commercial, production quality work · Designed and developed C++ API for a Question & Answering product that uses natural language processing · Developed and maintain C/C++ utility library for use within LCC products · Established source code management respository using CVS and a collection of Perl scripts I developed to automate source code management tasks · Developed (GNU) makefiles for managing the compilation of projects for multiple programming languages: C/C++, Java, Perl.

Web Applications Architect

Texas Instruments

Senior Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Lucent Technologies/Quadritek

Senior Information Analyst

Reed Technology and Information Services Inc.


B.S. in Information & Computer Science from the University of California in Irvine.
C++ · Eliot Kimber's HyTime course · Introduction to Rational Rose/C++ Using UML · Java · Java Swing and XML Programming · Microsoft Access · NetGravity · Object-Oriented Analysis & Design with C++ · Omnimark Programming I & II · Practical Formatting Using DSSSL · Project Management · Sapphire/Web · TogetherSoft Java Workshop · X/Motif


Work has been included or recognized in several publications and web sites:

Summary | Skills | Open Source Projects | Job History | Education | Recognitions

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