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Re: [fetchmail] Message Won't Download

2002-11-18 00:00:47
From: SoloCDM <deedsmis(_at_)aculink(_dot_)net>

Formerly, I was the individual who mentioned how "does not resolve"
for ruleset=check_rcpt becomes a reject=451 and fetchmail 6.1.0 does
not expunge the message for sendmail 8.12.5.  That problem still
exists, even Neils Rickert at Sendmail.org has knowledge concerning
the configurations on our mail server and is convinced it has
something to do with fetchmail from his last reply.  "You would
have the same problems with earlier versions of sendmail, at
least back to 8.9.0.  There isn't any change in sendmail that is
causing the changed behavior you are seeing.  -NWR (Neil W Rickert

Prior to these incidents', single periods on a line of their own
were causing problems, but that doesn't happen anymore.  The 451s
and similar messages like the following message do not download.
What is very peculiar is the simplicity of the following message
and its inability to download from the ISP through fetchmail.

Can you try the latest version of fetchmail (8.12.5) and post the results of a "fetchmail -v -v" against a message that fails.

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