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Re: [fetchmail] Re: Fetchmail repeatedly processing the same mail

2002-11-19 23:02:43
Quoting from Michael Abbott's mail on Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 07:18:27PM +0000:
I presume that fetchmail is designed with the following three goals in
1.  To deliver mail without losing it;
2.  To deliver each item of mail once only;
3.  To deliver mail in a timely manner.

Obviously when POP3 is the source of mail and one or more e-mails cannot
be delivered, there is a problem, and the current implementation of
fetchmail "resolves" this by abandoning goals 2&3.

Which version of fetchmail are you using? Upgrade to 6.1.2, if you
haven't done so already.

Send the output of 'fetchmail -v -v'. No goals can be achieved without

Sunil Shetye.