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[fetchmail] monitor option ?

2002-11-21 05:20:07

something's odd with the monitor option - I think. If not,
something's odd with me :-)

Specifying an interface for monitoring using -M <dev> works fine. 
There is a section of the manpage where the explanation for the
'monitor' and 'interface' options seem to have been swapped, but
that's a side issue.

Specifying an interface for monitoring using 'monitor <dev>' in
a config-file doesn't work. Or at least, doesn't work for me. 

The line looks like this:

monitor ippp0

And when I try to start fetchmail (6.1.0) with this config-file,
I receive "parse error at monitor". 

What is the right way of configuring this ? Note - the command-line
way of specifying it works fine - I'm simply after the config-file
equivalent of "-M ippp0". 

Per Jessen

Per Jessen, Zurich
http://www.enidan.com - home of the J1 serial console.

Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.

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