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[fetchmail] Problem injecting mails to qmail

2003-04-16 14:05:34

I have a litte problem, maybe it's stupid easy to solve,
but I can't find the solution:

We fetch our e-mails from a single multidrop pop3-box from
our domain foobar.de and inject it with the following line
via cronjob every 2 minutes into the qmail-queue for
local delivery:

/usr/bin/fetchmail -a -v -m /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject

Our problem: How can I say fetchmail to inject a mail only
for local users and ignore non-local CCs and TOs?
Example: fetchmail gets a mail from our pop3-box with
recipients user(_at_)foobar(_dot_)de and user(_at_)abc(_dot_)com(_dot_) Now it
injects the mail 2 times into the qmail-queue, once for
local user and once for external user, so the external
user gets 2 times the same mail, one from the original
sender and one from our qmail :-/

How can I avoid this behaviour? I tried it with parameter
--fetchdomains foobar.de  but that didn't work.

Any Hints/Solutions?

Thx in advance

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