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[fetchmail] SDPS, and single-drop mailboxes

2003-04-22 05:31:47

Hello all,

I have a query about fetchmail usedin conjunction with
Demon's SDPS POP3 server.

I've read through the docs about fetchmail's usage of the
SDPS extension, and it seems it's only ever used when
fetchmail is set to do multidrop mailing.

I'd be keen to see SDPS used in singledrop mode, and have
fetchmail add an X-Envelope-To: header to the mail it's
downloading which contains the Envelope-To information
returned by the *ENV SDPS command.

This would make post processing with Procmail (and
particularly with TMDA, since it really needs to know who the
email was sent to in order to construct it's magic Reply-To:
strings) a whole lot easier.

Now - are you all going to tell me I have a snowball's chance
in hell of getting this in to Fetchmail, and that I have to
do it myself (oh my woeful C hacking skills really need a
dose of WD40 before I attempt this), or does some kindly soul
think it's a reasonable idea, and not to much like hard work?

Answers on a stamped address email please!

Bryan Childs

PS - Sorry, meant to add, I've also downloaded the whole mailing list
archive, and had a look through there for similar requests - so I am
trying to do my homework!

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