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[fetchmail] how to set sender address when bouncing mail

2003-04-23 00:37:52

when fetchmail is bouncing mail it uses the sender address 
FETCHMAILDAEMON(_at_)host(_dot_)domain(_dot_)com(_dot_) The domain part of this 
address seems to be resolved by something like gethostbyaddr(). I can change 
the domain part of the sender address by changing the hostname in the 
hostsfile. In my opinion this is no good because in most cases I need to have 
the domain part simply as domain.com and not as host.domain.com. Otherwise the 
next mailrelay might complain about an unknown sender's domain and bounce the 
message back to me again.

Is there an option to explicitly set the Fetchmail sender address for bouncing 

Manfred Heubach

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