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Re: [fetchmail]Sorting Mails Using fetchmail / postfix

2005-10-03 09:28:48
On 03/10/05, Olugbenga Adara <gbengaadara(_at_)yahoo(_dot_)com> wrote:
Hello All,

im trying to setup a mailserver using postfix and

i have a pop3 mailbox (one single box) where all the
mail for my user goes into. i now want to poll this
mailbox and let my mailserver sort it into each user's

the problem i have is that if i dont specify a
particular user on my mail server to receive the mail
in .fetchmailrc, the mails go to unknown user.

i want the mailserver to look at the mails and then
put it in each user's mailbox since all user's mails
are in one mailbox on my isp mailserver.

This is clearly detailed in the manual under the heading "Multidrop". 
Do read the caveats and the importance of a delivered-to type header.

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Rob MacGregor
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