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[fetchmail]Delete messages not flushed (SMTP Reject)

2005-10-03 16:03:35
Hi guys.

Is there any way for deleting messages not flushed by a reject from
the local SMTP ?

Something like this :

fetchmail: reading message foo(_at_)somedomain(_dot_)com:1 of 43 (2468 octets)
fetchmail: SMTP error: 450 <sibeleianoski(_at_)asdfdjksa(_dot_)com>: Sender
address rejected: Domain not found
..fetchmail:  not flushed

My MTA fetch some messages from external POP servers, and I configured
it for rejecting messages from unknow domains, as above. So, I'd like
to delete these messages, not flushed by rejecting rules, to prevent
the remote mailbox get out of space. Move away the garbage, you know
... :)

PS: This is fetchmail release 6.2.5+POP2+RPA+SDPS+SSL+OPIE+INET6+NLS

Thanks in advance.

Rivanor P. Soares
[a.k.a. web_knows]
Knowledge is the power.

"The meeting is over.... Agents are coming..."

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