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Re: [fetchmail]Delete messages not flushed (SMTP Reject)

2005-10-04 11:35:19
2005/10/4, Rob MacGregor <rob(_dot_)macgregor(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com>:
On 03/10/05, Rivanor Soares <rivanor(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com> wrote:
Hi guys.

Is there any way for deleting messages not flushed by a reject from
the local SMTP ?

Something like this :

fetchmail: reading message foo(_at_)somedomain(_dot_)com:1 of 43 (2468 
fetchmail: SMTP error: 450 <sibeleianoski(_at_)asdfdjksa(_dot_)com>: Sender
address rejected: Domain not found
..fetchmail:  not flushed

Ensure that you define 450 as one of the antispam codes (full details,
as always, found in the man page).

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Rob MacGregor
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        doesn't become a monster.                  Friedrich Nietzsche

In this environment, 450 is defined as these reject codes: defer,
unknow address, unknow client, unknow hostname and unverified
recipient unverified sender.

Rivanor P. Soares
[aka web_knows]
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