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2005-10-10 23:00:41
On 11/10/05, sylvain.lt <sylvain(_dot_)lt(_at_)laposte(_dot_)net> wrote:
Dear All,

first, sorry for my english

It's no worse than I've seen from many "native" speakers I've seen.

My problem :

 We have a pop server and forwarding is enabled, and I
 use fetchmail to downlaod the mails to my local box.

As the man page says, you *MUST* define the envelope header when using
multidrop.  Keep in mind that fetchmail is not responsible for
delivery - it simply hands that task over to your script.

My fecthmail don't know where to delivered mails to users
which  used mailling list.
those mails stay in queue.
In the file in /etc/qmail/queue/mess/number/mail_number, i can
see : devilered to : the_right_user_address_in_my_network
and in the /etc/qmail/info : Fanonymou(_at_)mydomain
so i don't know why fetchmail don't deliver mails in the right

What is the output of "fetchmail -v -v -v" for one of these messages?

someone told me to use ETRN, because fetchmail loose some
parts oh headers.

You're losing some of the headers because that is the way you've
designed your MDA script!

i use, mandrake 9.2, qmail, fetchmail 6.2.4

Upgrade to or later immediately.  There are known security
problems with 6.2.4.

 The .fethmailrc settings are:

set no bouncemail
poll @provider protocol POP3
localdomains mydomain.org
no envelope
# envelope "Delivered-To:"

For multi-drop you MUST define the envelope header (and it must be
present in the mails)

mda "sed 1,2d | /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject"  #because we
receive copie of messages, when we used Cc.

Could you explain that in more detail?

                 Please keep list traffic on the list.
Rob MacGregor
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        doesn't become a monster.                  Friedrich Nietzsche

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