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Re: [fetchmail]how to stop emails to fetchmail user

2005-10-20 04:35:31
On 20/10/05, Paul Goodyear <pgudge(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com> wrote:
The current setup I have leaves me with a small /var partition, and
the /var/mail/fetchmail file grows rapidly, everytime fetchmail is
poll'ed to grab email a new email is sent to the fetchmail mailbox.

Can I turn this off?

Good question - you've told us *NOTHING* about your setup beyond the
fact that you're running some version of fetchmail on some version of
a unix like OS.  Sadly my crystal ball is in for repairs...

So, how about some details:

1) Version of fetchmail
2) Contents of .fetchmailrc
3) How are you running fetchmail - cron, daemon mode or some other way
4) Are these emails the email fetchmail is fetching, or something else

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