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[fetchmail]How to keep original recipient addresses with ETRN

2005-10-25 11:45:58
   My mail configuration is kind of unusual I think, so I hope this make

   1: "gateway" server running MailScanner on RHES4, and is forwarded mail
   from the firewall on port 25.
   2: :gateway" server then fowards (mailertable) all mail to an internal
   Scalix mail server which has all the user accounts, after being scanned by
   3: I am trying to run fetchmail on the gateway for various other domains
   for which I get email. I can poll these extermal pop servers with ETRN and
   the mail is retreived, scanned through MailScanner but the user to which
   the mail gets sent to is root(_at_)localhost(_dot_) This does make sense 
since the
   user "user(_at_)externalserver(_dot_)com" does not exist on the gateway but 
   exist on the Scalix server, user(_at_)internalserver(_dot_)com(_dot_) So the 
mail then goes
   to the correct mailbox on the Scalix server, but shows up as being sent to
   root(_at_)localhost instead of the orginal recipient of
   4: Basically the mail is getting through fine, but I need to find a way to
   retain the original recipient address in the header/messages instead of
   root(_at_)localhost? Is there any way to do this?

   .fetchmailrc example
   poll mail.externalserver.com proto ETRN
   proto pop3
   user "user+externalserver.com"
   pass "mypassword"

   Johnny Stork
   Open  Enterprise Solutions
   "Empowering Business With Open Source Software"

Open Enterprise Solutions
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