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Re: UUencode

1991-05-01 18:40:34
Tim Kehres writes:
In other words, if someone chooses to use
uuencode, let's give some recommendations as to what versions to use (or not
to use) so as to avoid many of the problems already cited.

I disagree. If you recommend particular versions of uuencode,
implementors will be encouraged to use the uuencode that comes with
the OS. When people port the source of such a UA to a different
platform, there is no guarantee that the uuencode version will be OK.
So I think the RFC should say that implementations *must* do their own
uuencoding. This also means that we need to include a full definition
of safe uuencode in the RFC. And if people are worried that
implementing uuencode is too hard, we can even include a free safe
implementation of uuencode in an appendix.


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