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Coming: The May Draft of RFC-XXXX

1991-05-24 11:59:49
In a subsequent message, I will be sending out the latest draft of
RFC-XXXX.  It is substantially revised, based on the comments of the
many astute and helpful readers of this mailing list.

Two few important details:

1.  Last time, I sent out two versions, text & PostScript, only to be
pleasantly surprised to learn that there are something like ten people
on this list who would prefer to receive it in Andrew format. 
Naturally, this appealed to my implementor's vanity so much that this
time I will be sending out THREE versions, all of them with appropriate
Content-type header fields.

2.  This time, there are two pages of preliminary stuff before the RFC
actually starts.  The first page contains suggestions that are intended
to help keep the discussion of the draft as manageable as possible.  The
second page is a list of major changes from the previous (April) draft,
which might also be helpful.

Have a nice weekend, everybody!  -- Nathaniel

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