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Re: American "insensitivity"

1991-07-14 13:05:06
We in the U.S. have been very supportive of our colleagues in RIPE and
the wonderful job of coordinating they are doing, and especially of the
world-class leadership of people like Bernhard Stockman (SUNET/NORDUnet)
in statistics and circuit mapping which benefits the *entire* community.
I know from personal observation that international character set capabilities
have been among the highest priorities of Phill Gross. We're also delighted 
that RIPE is taking leadership in implementing the first delegate IP registry
in accordance with RFC1174.  From time to time I make the effort to tune in
to this on-going debate on the use of character sets in SMTP.  I cannot
spend enough time to keep up with it all.  However, I do indeed hope that
cooler heads will appreciate the sincere desire and dedication of the IAB,
IETF and "Fed's" in the U.S. to encourage the globalization of the Internet,
*including* the accommodation of international character sets.


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