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Re: Problems with RFC-MNEM & RFC-CHAR

1991-07-14 13:20:23
  I have been discussing with Keld in off-list mail some concerns that
I have with the current drafts of RFC-CHAR and RFC-MNEM.  While some
editorial issues have been resolved, there are several places where
Keld and I perceive things differently.

  In the interest of a better set of Internet Mail RFCs, I'm appending
my concerns below for everyone's consideration.  I'd like to hear what
others think about the RFCs as well -- either in off-list mail or via
the list.  I think that this is the right list because these two RFCs
directly impact the work done on RFC-XXXX.

I responded to all of your comments, Randall, and I provided a new
draft. Why are you then messing up things by adressing the same
old issues again? Could you please refer to the new draft?


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