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Re: Problems with RFC-MNEM & RFC-CHAR

1991-07-15 19:18:21
Randall writes:
Is there general agreement that we should take the content of RFC-MNEM
and integrate it into RFC-XXXX as a single draft ?

I often approve through silence, but in this case I cannot resist the
temptation to approve publicly.

I.e. I vote for it.

  As I've mentioned to Erik Van der Poel (spelling ?) in email, 
I do not see a solution to the non-European-language support issue 
in Mnemonic/Quoted-Readable.

The spelling was pretty close! (See the header on this message.)

I think the Mnemonic method is going to act as a catalyst for the
alphabetic (non-ideographic) characters. The first appearances of the
Mnemonic format in actual messages will lure users of old software, so
that more and more copies of the new software is installed.

After a while, so many new UAs and gateways will be installed, that it
will be easy to send ideographic characters by simply identifying the
encoding (which might be ISO 2022, or ISO 10646, or Unicode, or ???),
or by encapsulating the messages in Base64.

So non-alphabetic characters will only be "supported" later, but I
think this is a fair prioritization.


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