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Re: charset philosophy

1991-07-17 02:37:03
I wrote:
How about an ASCII-and-US-EBCDIC-centric world? I.e. an ASCII composer
*must* *not* put "us-ascii" in the headers, and an EBCDIC composer
*must* *not* put "us-ebcdic" (or whatever) in the headers.

Nobody replied to the above. Sometimes silence means that people
approve, other times it means that they think "Our resident lunatic is
babbling again. Let's ignore him."

Um, I'd like to know which one it is.

The working group's decision would affect Keld's RFC-MNEM proposal,
since it specifies things like:

        Content-Type: text/mnemonic ascii 38

I.e. I don't think the "ascii" should be there.


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