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Re: charset philosophy

1991-07-11 16:17:45
# If we send a plain ASCII text message and we wish to label it with a
# content type header and a character encoding identifier, we include
# the following:
#       Content-Type: text/us-ascii
# Today, when ASCII messages cross a border into an EBCDIC world, they
# are converted to EBCDIC. Assuming that such a gateway is fully
# upgraded to conform to the new RFC-XXXX, what should be done about the
# content type header? Should it be changed to the following?
#       Content-Type: text/us-ebcdic
# Or something like that?

I thought that it should be something like..

        Content-Type: text/us-ascii
        Content-Transfter-Encoding: ascii2ebcdic

(or x-ascii2ebcdic)
But if it already had some encoding, such as quoted-printable,
then the gateway will have to un-do the encoding (if it knows how)
and do the encoding from ascii to ebcdic.
Isn't the content-type: field supposed to identify the content of
the original message?

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