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1991-07-22 14:37:47
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From: erik(_at_)sra(_dot_)co(_dot_)jp (Erik M. van der Poel)
To: ietf-822(_at_)dimacs(_dot_)rutgers(_dot_)edu
Subject: charset philosophy
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 91 21:23:00 +0900
Sender: erik(_at_)sran8(_dot_)sra(_dot_)co(_dot_)jp

Hi, IETF-822 People!

Just a quick question to see how others feel about this:

If we send a plain ASCII text message and we wish to label it with a
content type header and a character encoding identifier, we include
the following:

        Content-Type: text/us-ascii

Today, when ASCII messages cross a border into an EBCDIC world, they
are converted to EBCDIC. Assuming that such a gateway is fully
upgraded to conform to the new RFC-XXXX, what should be done about the
content type header? Should it be changed to the following?

        Content-Type: text/us-ebcdic

Or something like that?

Thanks in advance for any replies,