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1991-07-22 14:37:54
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Subject: Re: 7/8-bit conversion vs. bouncing
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Erik Naggum writes:

The IETF-822 and IETF-SMTP lists have generated 3000 pages worth of
printout since the St. Louis meeting (yes, I, the fool, printed it all
out), and _still_ we're discussing "European vs American".  I almost
can't believe it!  I _can_ believe it when I see that Keld is the
driving force behind this whining.  Stop it.

I am flattered! Little me being able of having people generating
3000 pages of email!  --- I just try to keep up to reading the stuff and
I got out of the active RFC XXXX discussion quite some time ago, 
now concentrating on my own draft RFCs. So maybe you think too much of me

Keld, are you one of those who think that (a) Europeans are inherently
inferior to Americans, or (b) European are inherently superior to
Americans?  I've heard so many comments from you whose only content is
"I'm European, he's/you're not", that I'm getting sick and tired of it.

Well, neither a) nor b). But I think that Europeans and Americans have
different needs and thus priorities, and also that the Americans in
the case of IETF has more to say than the Europeans. Anyway I want
to have a truly international point of view, accomodating as much
of the world as possible. Maybe I am too ambitious. To me it is a matter
of good design and engineering, and I have tried to follow that myself 
by producing such specifications that should be able to scale to
accomodate the world. That should keep us all from producing and reading
1000's of pages of email until we join planets from other galaxes.