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East Asian comments

1991-08-14 22:36:15
Mark Crispin writes:
2. Re: Keld Simonson's documents, I think it is very important that we
get some additional East Asian input.

Although Keld claims that his method can be used for East Asian
languages as well, I strongly doubt that such use will be common. Many
Japanese will simply continue to use their form of ISO 2022, because
it *works*. I believe that Keld's method is *only* useful for
non-ideographic characters.

I know that Taiwan is not happy
with either Unicode or the ISO proposals.

Perhaps certain Taiwanese individuals are unhappy with Unicode and DIS
10646. (Where did you get your info? How reliable is it?)

On July 22-24, the 1st CJK JRG meeting was held. (Stands for China
Japan Korea Joint Research Group, or something like that.) The
attendees included individuals from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong
Kong, and USA. They are working on unifying the East Asian ideographic
characters. The result will probably be included in the next draft of
10646 and in Unicode.

It's just that I urge that
we get more input before committing ourselves, and not just from a few
people with East Asian e-mail addresses.

Absolutely! Just because my email address happens to end in ".jp" does
not mean that I represent "the Japanese".

As to getting input from East Asians, I can provide a few pointers if
anyone's interested.


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