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Re: East Asian comments

1991-08-15 03:38:36
Mark Crispin writes:
2. Re: Keld Simonson's documents, I think it is very important that we
get some additional East Asian input.

Although Keld claims that his method can be used for East Asian
languages as well, I strongly doubt that such use will be common. Many
Japanese will simply continue to use their form of ISO 2022, because
it *works*. I believe that Keld's method is *only* useful for
non-ideographic characters.

I agree that my method is only marginally useful for Chinese characters
and I expect those people to still use 2022 techniques, as they have
done for a long time. This is also specified in RFC-XXXX.

I do not think that the bad support for Chinese characters should
delay the mnemonics draft in the IETF standards process.
Mnemonic was not designed to be good at Chinese characters,
or at least the Chinese character naming is not that useful, 
(but is the best that has been presented to date).


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