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Re: My greatest fear

1991-08-25 17:31:02
Having waded through your two long messages (Re: My greatest fear), I
want to jump on Ned's last remark:

I will also point out (before Mark does) that nested encodings are a
SERIOUS threat to interoperability. If you want to eliminate the
biggest hole in RFC-XXXX that *will* hamper interoperability, you need
to plug the nested encoding hole. And once again this brings us face
ato face with my difficulty with your position -- in order to simplify
the MTAs you distrust, you're willing to admit a capability that may
well ruin things elsewhere. This is a "baby with the bathwater"
position from my point of view.

I have not yet seen a reasonable justification for nested encoding, so
I propose that we vote on whether to allow it in RFC-XXXX or not.

I think it will be a real shame if we go on arguing about it when we
just might be able to agree on disallowing it already.


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