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Re: New Audio Stuff

1991-11-01 16:43:52

This definition for Audio looks good, 'cept for a couple of things.

For some reason when reading it I started wondering about how the data
is laid out in the body part.  Since the text describes it as `8 bit'
then it assumably is a time-sequence with one byte (octet) per sample.
How does it get laid out if channels != 1?  Does the word "interleaved"
mean if channels != 1 then you have stereo?  Rather, does "interleaved"
mean to play all the channels at the same moment?

Also "samples/second" seems like an almost needless low level detail
which a lot of "end users" will be annoyed to have to provide.  Actually
I do understand where samples/second comes from and why it is
important since that is minutely important when you're operating
in those low level details.  But since the stereotypical end-user
doesn't operate on low level details, they will tend to annoy.

I am not asking for a change but, instead, pointing out things which
may need a bit more verbiage in the RFC.


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