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Re: /alternative

1991-11-14 20:20:01

I think that we are going to find ourselves in serious need to 
transport mechanisms that make "do you want something of size Z, whose 
subject is 'aaaaa' from...." transactions easy.

Some of us were discussing this earlier today.  One of my colleagues here
advanced the idea of an MTA that, recognizing a destination as "non-local"
(whatever that might mean), would hang on to a "large" message and instead 
send only a pointer to it.  The recipient of the pointer could get the 
original by doing something simple like sending a reply to the pointer 
message.  It might look like:

Reply-To:  My-Org-MTA(_at_)mysite(_dot_)edu
Subject: Large message, ID <some-unique-msg-id>
From: <original sender>
Content-Type: Multipart; boundary = foobar

A message of 8,394,721 bytes was addressed to you.  To receive this 
message in its entirety, send a reply to this message.  The first 20 
lines of the original message are enclosed below.

 - My-Org-MTA(_at_)mysite(_dot_)edu


...<original message>


Or, perhaps an alternate form of the External-Reference subtype could 
reference message-id and MTA rather than filename and site.

 - RL "Bob" Morgan
   Networking Systems


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