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New Draft!

1991-12-09 12:03:53
OK, the new (December) version of the document is now available for
anonymous ftp from  I've also submitted it as an
Internet draft, so it should be available via that mechanism in a few

To pick up the latest versions, use anonymous ftp to  They're in the directory "pub/nsb".  All in all
there are six files, of which you are likely to want at most two: -- PostScript version of the latest draft of the standard
BodyFormats.txt -- text version
BodyFormats.ez -- Andrew version -- PostScript version of my configuration (mailcap)
document, greatly revised with the input of people on this list and
Configuration.txt -- text version
Configuration.ez -- Andrew version

A summary of the changes in the latest draft will follow in a subsequent
message.  -- Nathaniel

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