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Changes in latest draft

1991-12-09 12:09:51
Here is the change list for the latest draft of the document:


Renamed Body-Version to MIME-Version.  (MIME = Multipurpose Internet
Mail Extensions.)  The Content-Type header field is no longer required
-- MIME-Version suffices for plain US-ASCII text.

Regularized the syntax to attribute=value for parameters.  (The
multipart parameter is now named "boundary".  Character sets are named
by "charset" parameters.  Message/partial parameters are id, number, and
total.)  There are now NO default subtypes.  This made the collected
grammar appendix  MUCH smaller.

Merged text-plus into text.  Defined text/plain. Made "octet-stream" the
only subtype of binary.  Added "padding" parameter to indicate number of
bits padded in application/octet-stream type.

New Audio/basic format

Cleaned up external-reference and moved it to message/externalbody

Clarified message/partial, added example.

Added header & footer to richtext.

Quoted printable changes:  chagned : to = as quoting character.  Got rid
of the old rule 2 (== for "="), so that the equal sign must now be
expressed as "=3D".

In base64, got rid of portable newlines facility

Multipart changes:  Liberalized requirements for multipart/alternative,
and reversed the order.  Changed encapsulation boundary to include
leading CRLF.  Added EBCDIC-invariants to the acceptable boundary
characters.  Check out new prose & BNF!

Added "?", ".", and "=" to tspecials.  Changed several uses of "atom" to
"token" to tighten up the BNF.

Moved PostScript to application, detailing security considerations as well.

New prose for ISO-2022-jp, ISO-10646, and MNEMONIC

Nuked old Appendix D (ASCII definition).  Added new Appendix G, summary
of content-types.  Is there more info that should go here?

Added requirement that embedded headers inside multipart & message types
must not be reordered or otherwise tampered with.

The following names should be internationalized, at least in the
PostScript version:  Keld Jxrn Simonsen, Olle Jdrnefors, Patrik Fdlstrvm.


Much cleanup of syntactic and semantic ambiguities, particularly the
quoting convention.

In mailcap files, the "notes" field is now named & optional.  

New fields for specifying "test=", "compose=", "composetyped=", and more.

New mailcap file syntax for passing parameters from the content-type
line to interpreter programs.

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