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Re: image/basic ?

1991-12-10 19:53:05
Excerpts from direct: 10-Dec-91 Re: image/basic ? Nathaniel
Borenstein(_at_)thu (375)

Do we really want to open this particular can of worms?

I appreciate the chagrin at raising this point so late in the process,
but I really think it's an important point to pin down if we really want
to encourage multi-media mail.  If we point out "text/richtext" and
"audio/basic", we may see a lot of messages flying around with formatted
text and audio, but no images!

tiff-b-netfax (which I assume is the implicit argument of the NETFAX group)

Thinking more about it, I don't like any of these four.  Only gif will
support color, but gif is based on "compress" (the note from ppmtogif.c
in the pbmplus package reads in part:

     * GIF Image compression - modified 'compress'
     * Based on: compress.c - File compression ala IEEE Computer, June 1984.
     * By Authors:  Spencer W. Thomas      
     *              Jim McKie               (decvax!mcvax!jim)
     *              Steve Davies            (decvax!vax135!petsd!peora!srd)
     *              Ken Turkowski           (decvax!decwrl!turtlevax!ken)
     *              James A. Woods          (decvax!ihnp4!ames!jaw)
     *              Joe Orost               (decvax!vax135!petsd!joe)

I'd prefer a less restricted format.  ppm, from the ppmplus package, is
a possibility -- but it has no compression.  Sun's run-length-encoded
raster format is both simple and (somewhat) compact; perhaps that's the
right answer.


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